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Once your new eCommerce website has launched successfully an array of following tasks and activities have to be taken care of. From maintaining the functionality and further implementing new features to simply dealing with tech-related user inquiries.

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Top eCommerce Support Services

eCommerce Management

We are happy to onboard your existing eCommerce projects for further development, improvement of user-experience and growth.

Infrastructure Support

Dealing with your underlying infrastructure easily gets out of control. We help you to optimize your costs of 3rd party services by reviewing your technological infrastructure.

Integration Maintenance

As much as we love building tools ourselves - you are always reliant on 3rd party software. We help you manage all your APIs and integration updates.

User support

When dealing with a growing number of customers, you will naturally encounter more support inquiries. Building a lean process to deliver support and happiness the key.

Bug fixing

The growth of your business, along with a changing digital environment, increases the possibility of bugs. We are experts in dealing with those mishaps in a fast way.

Further development

There is always room for improvement, plus your competition doesn’t sleep. Hence you should have a roadmap for more development at any time!