Strategical Consulting

Before we start crafting design, software or sales funnels your strategy and action plan need to be crystal clear. So in order to focus on the right solutions we first dive deep into your current business assets, your goals and long-term vision.

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Top Strategical Consulting Services

Business Analysis

With an outside view on your project, we help you to grasp your current situation. Doing this, we’ll discover your opportunities and sharpen the value proposition.

Market Assessment

Having a clear understanding of your target audience is crucial for your success. By creating the archetype to your product, you’ll always be sure how to communicate.


To fully understand the potential of your business, rigorous research on the market is necessary. We help you to learn from market leaders and win the game.

Business Strategy

Now that you fully understand where you are at, it’s time to strategise. We will formulate your long-term business strategy aligned with your vision and values.

Action Plan

What is missing now is an actionable plan that guides you through the upcoming months. Together we will craft your clear roadmap to get the lead magnet running.

Budgeting & Estimations

Even the best strategy won’t work without proper budgeting and estimations. We will give you the tools to move forward and take the right actions confidently.