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Whether you are starting your new venture or want to take an existing one to the next level, having an excellent online branding is essential. So, think of a certified Mailchimp agency to help your business succeed. Sharobella offers effective email marketing solutions to your business supported by Mailchimp.

Our MailChimp experts will guide you through the right strategy to opt for your business branding. We offer you a comprehensive email marketing services that help your business leap. Be it campaigning for eCommerce emails or transactional emails, our email marketing service has it all.

Email Marketing: Branding Your Business

When you have a business set up, you now need to tell your unique story to your customers and potential customers. But, how? This is where email marketing comes. We craft personalized stories of your business; develop into attractive email design, and send out to your target audience.

As an expert MailChimp agency, we help you do everything related to email marketing. First, our experts get the brand story that your business wants to tell your audience. It is essential to have a clear idea of what you want to communicate to your potential customers about your business.

Once we know what you want to tell, we will tell you how to tell it to the audience. You make your business story clear; we will pave your business path to grow through email marketing. Our team will hatch an excellent idea to take your brand to the public and let them know your business’ unique story.

We will create an email story that looks like this.

Our services include everything from content creation and unique design to categorizing your database and sending the emails to different categories. The process has never been so easy but you need a whole lot of cautious dedication so that you don’t turn everything into a mess. It is easier to mess up the things if you are not cautious enough. But our expert team will keep it simple for you. We will do everything for you as part of your email marketing support.

Email marketing is not only writing and sending emails to the addresses you have but also optimizing it for each different email client. Different email addresses respond to email designs differently. So, it’s a highly technical challenge to optimize your email design for all email addresses. Our email marketers will take all the tasks on them and do the job for you.

Know how we do it

Building a brand, through email marketing, needs to have thorough research, a unique story, an excellent plan, and smart execution. It’s where we come in with our expert services. We will do the job for you. You relax and see the business taking the growth path.

Email marketing is all about building a relationship. How you do it sets up the relationship with customers. A small wrong step can mess the whole process and our brand reputation.

So, we carefully curate the process that suits your brand and niche.

Build Email List

Having a strong email list is the base for a successful email marketing campaign. Before we start pitching to the clients, we need to get them listed on your email list. First of all, we work on building a sizable email list on your website so that we can send the emails out to them.

We will create some purposeful and strong Call to Action so that people give out their email address. Once we have a great looking email list, we plan the further strategies of the email marketing campaign.

Here is an example of a Call to Action that can build our email list.

Create Idea and Content

Now that we have got a strong email list for your business, you move on to plan the idea to pitch and create great content for it. A well-thought and well-planned content is the key to attracting potential customers to your idea.

We help you to create great content for the idea and craft an email design to send out to your email list.

If you have multiple campaigns set, getting an automated emailing system is the smarter move. We will pre-schedule all the email campaigns to go out on a fixed time so that the system sends the emails automatically. Email automation is such a smart technology we have to make marketing campaign easier.

Analyze the Result

Once the email marketing campaign starts, we will get the specific data of the market behavior. We will get the data, analyze how people are responding to the campaign, and do the segmentation of the clients.

Data segmentation is important to know the exact behavior of the market. It will give you an idea of what to pitch next and to which segment.

We will help you create a perfect segmentation after analyzing the result of each campaign.

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