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What is digital consulting?

A lot is being said about digital consulting lately, maybe even too much. We do know very well what is, real-estate consulting, legal consulting and tax consulting. However, digital consulting is one of those things which simply should cover most technical progressions and oh-boy, this is a dynamic field in our times.

A classic digital consultant has a mix of knowledge and experience in business administration and at the same time skills in information technology. Firstly it is of the utmost importance to understand business goals, clarify and master what should be achieved and how to make every invested penny essentially come back to the entrepreneur behind it while creating an optimizable action plan from start to finish.

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Hence digital consultants (or digital agencies) should cover the understanding of how the software works. The difference between B2B and B2C, UI / UX, marketing channels, SEO, last but not least eCommerce: its back front under and on top.

If you’re still wondering what digital consulting can do for your business, let us focus on how we can help your business during these exciting and challenging times. As an established digital agency from Vienna, Sharobella will assess your current strategy and optimize it to create value. We will plan the course your business should take to properly implement and execute all actions to make and keep your company relevant and drive pre-defined results.