5G internet effects Viennas businesses

5G internet effects Viennas businesses image

So hopefully by now, it’s clear: 5G is not a government monitoring tool or a virus diffuser. With that being said, let’s be serious for a moment. If telecommunication companies invested in technology, there has got to be a good reason for it. Some might relate to the speed effect we had between the previous generations and yes it’s definitely faster. But this time the speed is not the only advantage, as one of the most important technology innovations in the 5G network is the ability to allow better connectivity in locations that are far from antennas and usually show fewer connection bars.

Ok, so how does it affect Vienna business?

The forced digital transformation in 2020, introduced the need to have a strong digital presence. Browsing, inquiring and engaging before making an online purchase demands finding a reliable service provider. With 5G smartphones, users will get used to browsing faster than before in many more locations. Frequent websites such as Google, Facebook & Amazon will offer additional experiences considering their speed optimizations capabilities. Smartphone users are about 70% of total internet users. That means websites that are optimized will be ranked higher than ever. Nevertheless, slow websites will damage Vienna’s business’s online presence.

There are even more opportunities

This year, Google has changed its algorithms, if until now written content was considered the key for winning SEO. Then now it’s all about being natural and making the organic users stay longer on the website and take action. It’s time to add relevant information, restructure and allow heavier and complex interactive features.

As a digital consulting and E-Commerce agency based in Vienna, we know how to help you with optimizing your digital presence. Write to us for a free assessment.

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