Why Sylius is the next big thing

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What is the best e-commerce platform to use?

With everything and everyone stuck to their smartphones, this just has to be the hottest topic in the present time.

While some would suggest that CMSs (Content Management Systems) such as WordPress or Shopify are ruling the online industry, others might like to move ahead with more complex software such as Magento or Shopware. Nevertheless, what’s clear is that each of these platforms wants to have a scalable solution that fits their needs, works fast, looks appealing and drives the maximum conversions.

Choosing the right platform is essential to any online business therefore it is important that besides having an experience of handling them, one also needs to understand the long term needs associated with these platforms.

Let’s get to the bottom of this.

While certain CMSs such as WordPress are simple to deploy, they come with their own set of limitations when it comes to customizations and individual requirements. Therefore, it is recommended for companies with short amounts of product listings and with no sophisticated technical requirements.

On the other hand, enterprise-level CMSs such as Magento, Shopeware and Salesforce are a great way to plunge deeper into technical requirements and more complex processes, but they lead on to become a shareholder in your business. Not just that, some of these systems or tools that you employ will charge you with high royalty fees, extensive monthly/annual fees and licensing costs per user.

Therefore, our suggestion to you is to choose the mid-way and think out of the box. Choose a platform that is developer-friendly and does not carry enormous plugins or user fees. Instead of digging holes in your pocket, have the approach of intelligently investing today in order to own your technology tomorrow.

Let’s talk a little about our approach here at firusas.com.

By choosing Sylius for our website, we were able to work on a blank sheet to include only those modules that are relevant to the client’s business and integrate them according to the company’s flow. While it took us a little time to get accustomed to the software, there was no other system that matched our vision. We were able to step up to a level of marketing giants, and bring a solution with more custom features and a website which is 5 times faster, all within 9 months and with relatively small amounts of resources. If a normal CMS approach takes a thousand libraries and functions and makes the website heavy, a developer-friendly framework such as Sylius, offers only the core functionality which is essential to your business and allows the developers to add only necessary code. So why worry with all the dependencies and why not choose the best in business?

With perks like more than 9,500,000 of package downloads, more than 1,000 daily installations, 550 contributors and over 5,500 stars on GitHub, Sylius is becoming a recognizable figure on the e-commerce market with each passing day. It has left the all-in-one legacy platforms behind, proposing a system that is truly easy to integrate even in a headless approach as is the case with a separated frontend. This is the system you want if you’re looking for something better, faster and more approachable.

If that wasn’t enough to change your mind, here’s something more.

Sylius is tailor-made for your e-commerce solutions, which means that no matter what you need you can shape it the way you want, with no technical debt. And thanks to its fully decoupled architecture, you can only use the bundles that you actually need in your project. So no more money hassles, whatsoever.

To add to the list of all things good, the 100% Symfony codebase lets Sylius' core team follow the best coding practices and a stable release cycle for its popular PHP framework. It is developed with great attention to the code quality and BDD methodology. That being said, every line of code is fully tested and ready to be tested at any time in future as well.

To top it all, Sylius has a wide and friendly community who are always ready to help you with any issue. Together with the Sylius Core Team, developers and merchants from all around the world work hard each day to create the best in the market of eCommerce technology.

Their main community channel in Slack where you can meet more than 2,600 developers, product owners and business stakeholders who work with Sylius on a daily basis. This is where you can join them: sylius.com/slack.

That being said, we, as a certified expert agency, can offer our experience for creating your own custom e-commerce website successfully. Have a look below at our certificate and website to know more.

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