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Got a new eCommerce website ready with amazing products on sale? That’s great news to start your online business journey. But you might want to know more about eCommerce business, rather than
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Got a new eCommerce website ready with amazing products on sale? That’s great news to start your online business journey. But you might want to know more about eCommerce business, rather than just having a website ready. The goal is to know how to make it work effectively. The eCommerce back-office stack is one of those essentials in the online world.

So what is a back-office stack for eCommerce? Your website by itself is just a POS – Point of Sale. For an effective scaling of your business, you need to integrate different stacks into your website. This is to tell you that having merely a website ready is not enough for the operational efficiency of your online business.

Your website gets ready using a certain CMS like Shopify but the site also needs to have other essential integrations. For an eCommerce site, you need to integrate smart technology stacks like PIM, ERP, BI, CRM, and many others. Without these technologies, your website performance goes nowhere. It becomes just a dummy that is life-size but cannot talk, walk, or perform any other tasks because it doesn’t have a life in it.

The smart technology integration into your eCommerce site brings life into it. It starts working and walking in the direction you want it to go.

Wondering what these technologies are and how these help in scaling your business? Well, this is why we have written this post - to tell you about the essential back-office stacks for your eCommerce business.

With a simple integration of these technology stacks into your website, the operation becomes more efficient and the business scales up.

Let’s take look at what those stacks are and how they help in your online business growth.

ERP für E-Commerce components in English

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software application that helps your eCommerce site in managing various aspects of the business. From resource planning to finance, ERP helps your website manage the important aspects.

ERP also helps in establishing communication with different categories of your business website. It connects and manages different departments of your business and coordinates to ease the operational efficiency.

The system ties together the multitude of your online business operation and enables the flow of data smoothly. It makes the entire business operation an easy and well-organized task.

You can also use individual ERP applications but a complete ERP package works as a system to effectively manage the business operation of your eCommerce.

This system is an essential and integral part of your online business. It is impossible to grow your business on a desirable scale. Without the use of this smart system, managing different aspects and departments of a business operation is a difficult and time-consuming task.

ERP helps you plan effectively and implement efficiently.

PIM - (Produkt Information Management) - akeneo in English

PIM (Product Information Management)

Image: Akeneo

PIM is a software that manages the product data in your website. You may have heard about it as it’s growing rapidly in recent days. This incredibly disruptive technology makes the product data management – from overview, review, certifications, to any other product-related information – an easy task.

As the name stands for, it does the entire job related to product information.

PIM is an important and integral part of your eCommerce website. Without it, it is next to impossible to scale your business.

This software plays a vital role not only in managing the product information but also in scaling the business.

It tracks the entire catalog and inventory data of your business in real-time and processes it to the sales channel. Your site will display all the necessary information about the products for the end-users.

PIM also makes it easier for marketers in storing and organizing the inventory data so that they can process the strategy smoothly. It stores the data in cloud storage and processes the information to the appropriate channels to reach the end-users at the right time.

BI (Business Intelligence)

Image: Tableau

BI helps you in understanding all the data analyses. With the integration of Business Intelligence into your eCommerce site, you will be able to derive actionable insights into the statistics. It uses various tools, applications, and methodologies to enable the business to collect data from internal systems and external sources.

With the help of actionable insights into your business, you can make the right decision at the right time.

It is a system that combines business analytics, data visualization, data tools, and data mining to process data and create actionable insights. These insights will help you understand what is going on with your business and why. Understanding your business situation and its reasons will help your plan future strategies.

In the competitive and data-driven world of the online marketplace, business intelligence is a great invention that has come to help businesses.

Businesses without BI integration are more likely to fail. So, you can now understand how important this system is for your online business growth.

Channel manager channable wien in English

Channel Manager

Image: Channable

You need to use different channels to increase the sales of your business. There has never been a better time to sell products online. Multiple options have emerged in the digital world that help you reach more people.

While you can use multiple channels to sell your products and grow your business, it is equally challenging to keep track of them manually. Channel Manager makes this task easy for you.

The integration of channel manager into your eCommerce site brings together all the channels where you are selling your products. It shows detailed statistics about how each channel is performing in promoting your business. Keeping track of the performance of your business on various channels helps you in further planning of the growth.

Logistics software for e-commerce in English


Your eCommerce business needs storage or a resource where you can obtain the products from, in order to deliver them to the customers. It comes under logistics. You may have a brick-and-mortar store and inventory or you’ve opted for dropshipping – either way, you need to plan the entire logistic process well.

The logistics planning has to be in place so that you can timely deliver your orders. You will also need an operation center or office, human resources to manage and operate your business and the way to deliver products.

Keeping your logistics well-planned and in place helps you gain the trust of your potential and existing customers. Customer trust is a great factor in the growth of your business.

Running an eCommerce site is not an easy task as much as it seems to be. Multiple aspects play a vital role in the operation and the growth of your online business. You need to take those aspects carefully into consideration before and even after launching your eCommerce business.

When you’re in the know, you can always plan the strategies better and run your business smoothly.

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What Sharobella offers to eCommerce Business?

At Sharobella, we always hear our customers’ voice. As an eCommerce developer, we listen to our customers’ requirements and work on developing the site they need.

Our eCommerce experts research and integrate new, smart technologies to your back-office stack so that your website is fully functional. We offer custom or pre-built eCommerce design services as per your need.

When we are in the consulting phase to develop your eCommerce site, we discuss the details about all the requirements. Once we understand your requirements, we plan actionable strategies and use cutting-edge technologies to develop an outstanding website.

As a full-stack agency, we develop eCommerce sites for your business that gives an exceptional user experience. The eCommerce sites, we develop are seamlessly scalable thus ensuring growth and success.

Our eCommerce and digital marketing experts always work to make sure that you have the optimal environment to grow your business. We use the latest and smartest technology, actionable strategy, dedicated support, and constant communication to ensure that we deliver an excellent result.

We believe that if you grow, we grow too. Thus we take each project as it were our own.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) für e-commerce in English
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