Which shop system is the best?

Which shop system is the best? image

Magento, WordPress, Shopware, Wix, Prestashop, and the list gets longer as we write this post.

The most frustrating thing while starting with an e-commerce platform or optimizing an existing shop always comes down to the point where agencies try to push their expertise or partnerships with Content Management Systems (CMS), while the customer only cares about making online revenue.

So going back to the million-dollar question, which of these systems is the best?

The answer is actually very simple. All systems are great and will at the end of the day help you make your revenue.

So, what makes a system stand out?

It is mostly only about the implementation team, their previous projects and understanding your vision.

There is no doubt that some platforms might fit medium systems better while some might fit enterprises better, but the point to note here is that most of these systems use extremely complex integration processes. Thankfully, we have a platform that streamlines these complex processes into understandable data. With the help of Sylius, you can build custom solutions tailor-made for your e-commerce business.

Here is our advice on how to go forward with the same.

CMSs such as Magento employ complex processes and are too heavy and expensive to maintain. Therefore, they are only recommended for large scale businesses. They also end up becoming a shareholder in the business which makes it difficult for small businesses to keep their cash flow in check. So here is what small shops and MVPs should take on:

For a customer who is well aware of the technical intricacies, our advice to you will be on the lines of how to setup your store within one hour and how to do the entire setup yourself. You need to get familiar with simple platforms like WordPress and you can come back to us for any help or assistance that you need.

For a customer with a non-technical background, we will handle your first shop for you in the budget of your choice. Now, isn’t that just great?

What the customer venturing into the world of e-commerce should understand is that building a web-project is more or less like building/renovating a house. You invest a huge sum into making it the most sought after place on Earth and therefore you should get what you paid for.

Which is why we are here to help you realize your dreams, your way. Go through our webpage and don’t hesitate to drop in a question regarding any doubts that you might have. Our e-commerce expert will reach back to you in no time.

Happy e-commercing!

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